Houstonians prepare for freezing temps

Hard Freeze Watch issued for SE Texas from Sun. night to Mon. morning

By Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - The powerful winds blowing through Houston Sunday not only brought a frigid feel to the city, they also drove many people to open their hearts to the less fortunate.

All afternoon long, volunteers at The Star Of Hope Mission hit the streets to hand out warm coats, blankets, hats and gloves to dozens of homeless men and women.

People like 26-year-old Justin, a culinary student at one time who is now living on the street with his two dogs, received items to help him stay warm.

"It's a blessing, and it's there way of spreading the love of God.  I am so glad that they are giving us blankets and stuff to keep us warm," said Justin.

Across town at one of the many Home Depot stores, homeowners stood in line to buy foam insulation for their pipes. The weather forecast calls for a hard freeze, and at 19 degrees, experts say homes in Texas can be at risk for damaged pipes that can burst if they become too cold.

"It's cold outside and getting colder, so I here to protect my pipes and my plants," said customer Jerry Hoffman.

Yes, a bitter cold this way comes, but for some it doesn't matter. For runners at Memorial Park Sunday night, this cold snap just makes the training a little cooler and a little less sweaty.

Tommer Yokid is a runner from New Jersey who loves this weather.

"This is beautiful weather, this is not bad at all, and with the marathon coming up soon, everybody is out here sort of training", Yokid said.

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