Houston Newsmakers Nov. 30: Adoption month focuses on thousands who need parents

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host

November is National Adoption Month, designed to focus on the thousands of children in foster care who need parents.

Atasha Kelley-Harris with Depelchin's Children's Center says the need is great for many reasons.

"We unfortunately have thousands of children who are residing in the foster care system and we know that CPS is not a family," she said. "It's not a good parent for children. Children need permanency and need to be in a place where they can have stability and certainty in their lives."

Christi Fisher is doing her part. She is also a guest this week and talks about why she, already the biological mother of a son, decided to adopt three other children and still serves as a foster mom.

"I've been able to see some of those children that I have set free," she said. "To see them with their new families, that drives me."

Also on this week's program are John and Tanisia Hoye, who are hoping to adopt an infant and are using the internet to raise the financial help they'll need to make that happen. Tanisia says that talking about the need to adopt can be difficult but it is a role she now embraces.

"We realized that it happens to couples more often than we thought so I'll discuss it with anybody if it means that my journey or everything we've gone through will help somebody else," she said.

John Hoye was also adopted and talks about how that experience will impact his role as a father.

And the Tax Man is here!

Mike Sullivan, Harris County Tax Collector Assessor tells Khambrel Marshall the most important information for anyone receiving the recently mailed property tax bills.

"This will not go away," he said. "You can't ignore them. So if you can't pay the bill contact our office." Sullivan has plenty of great advice for all Harris County tax payers.

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