Hot, dry weather here to stay for awhile

High pressure is firmly in control of Texas weather.

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HOUSTON - With a ridge of high pressure centered over the southern plains, our hot summer weather will continue for the foreseeable future. 

Fortunately, though, with a lot of residual moisture from rains earlier this month, high temperatures will not reach beyond the typical mid-90s along the coast and inland to Houston.  The leftover moisture doesn't allow temperatures to skyrocket into the 100-degree range like they did last year at this time. 

Well away from the coast, where humidity is lower, temperatures will continue to top out near or above 100 for the remainder of the week.  Dallas, for example, will see temperatures in the 105-degree range.  Closer to home, in Bryan, Huntsville, and Livingston, temperatures will continue to be in the upper 90s each afternoon.

As for rain, don't expect to see much, if any, through early next week. On the off chance that the high pressure dome drifts far enough west by the weekend, we may be able to pick up enough afternoon heat to destabilize the atmosphere enough to pick up a brief downpour or two. For the vast majority of us, though, the sprinklers and watering hoses will be the only tools to keep our yards and gardens green in the days to come. 

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