Heavy rains cause flooding, power outages across Houston area

Local 2's Anthony Yanez says the rain chances continue through the afternoon

By Courtney Zavala , Jenelle Shriner - News Executive Producer , Anthony Yanez

HOUSTON - The rain came in with a vengeance overnight and one of the places hit hard was southwest Houston as people tried to make their way to work Monday morning.

The rain quickly flooded streets and knocked out power. A traffic signal toppled over in the area of Yale and 6th streets. The ground was too soft and the rain caused that signal to collapse. Crews blocked the area because of the downed live wire. Within a few hours the intersection was back open.

But the area on Fondren west of Highway 59 was a nightmare for hours as drivers try to push their way through the flooded street.

"Man I can't believe this. This is phenomenal. My God look at this. How am I going to get back out there?" said Tony Crump.

Dozens of cars stalled after trying to make it through.

"We all want to get to work, we all need our money. I wouldn't take a chance again," said Rosie Clvarruvais.

And she didn't take a chance this time. Her car was flooded once before and when she saw this she turned around and parked.

"I played it safe and turned in right here at Jack in the Box and I'm going to wait," said Clvarruvais. "I didn't want to be stranded and have a big car bill."

The driver of a blue Honda drove into deep water and stalled. A METRO bus tried to go around the Honda, but got stuck on the median. The water was so deep the driver couldn't see the median.

That created a mess for hours. The driver of the Honda waved off at least two tow trucks because his insurance company was sending their own tow truck.

Rain chances continue through the afternoon.  High of 74.


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