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Hurricane presentation - Meeting with the Air Conditioning Contractors Association of Greater Houston

As the kids get out of school I stop making school visits and transition to giving hurricane preparedness presentations.  I share everything you need to know to keep you and your family safe if a hurricane heads our way.  I created a PowerPoint presentation that shares 10 things you have to know if you live in Southeast Texas.

If you would like to request that I or another member of the KPRC Local 2 Severe Weather team speak at your event, click here:
Hurricane/School request form 

It's not too early to think about our next school year.  KPRC gives me the 11 a.m. show off one day off a week to make school visits.  I have two talks:

One is a severe weather presentation that focuses on giving second through fourth graders the tools they need to stay safe in severe weather.  While serious in content, it's a pretty fun presentation.

For middle and high school students I have a career day talk that chronicles my 20 years in the business.  It's not so much about being a meteorologist as it is about working hard, never giving up and preparing for the unexpected curve balls life sends our way.  Most people don't know I started in sports, moved to the news department as a reporter/anchor and then transitioned to weather.  You'll get to see my first ever sports report, live news report (where I fail miserably) and one of my first tries doing the weather.

We all book up pretty quick, so get your request in early.

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