Forecast running hot, cold through weekend

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HOUSTON - October is shaping up to be very fall-like, indeed.  This time of year we expect to see temperatures swing up and down, drastically at times, and this year Mother Nature is not disappointing.  The swings occur from day-to-day or, very often, more quickly -- from day to night. 

On Sunday, Houston's high was 77 cool degrees, which set a record as the lowest high temperature on record for that date (Sept.30).  Just two days prior, our high was 91 degrees, which is well above normal for this time of year.  The same holds true for morning temperatures.  From Friday to Monday, the range was anywhere from the low 70s to the high 50s.  The rush to swap sweaters for tanks or slacks for shorts can be dizzying at times. 

The trend will continue as we see another cold front move into the area over the weekend.  On Thursday, Friday and maybe even Saturday, highs will flirt with 90.  By Sunday, we'll struggle to make 75!  Morning lows will go from near 70 for the next three days to the low and mid 50s on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  For a complete look at the forecast, you can always check out

Long story short:  Keep your jackets, sweaters, tank tops, short sleeves, long sleeves, pants, and shorts all close-at-hand for the next several days.  It's autumn in Houston and Mother Nature is being predictably fickle!

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