Exhibition showcases war photos

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host

HOUSTON - A first-of-its-kind photography exhibition opens on Veteran's Day at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

The title of the show is simple -- "War Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and its Aftermath." It is a reflection of six continents and 165 years of war and conflict.

"This show is history, the show is human," said exhibition co-curator Anne Wilkes Tucker.

She said this exhibition is so unique because it takes a critical look at the relationship between war and photography and the photographers who many times risk their lives to take those special pictures.

One example is a picture taken in Iraq that was obviously taken right after a battle.

"It's the moment after the battle and they're attending first to the wounded as they will," Wilkes Tucker said. "There are bodies in the foreground, which they will get to, but they have to deal with the wounded first, so there's a whole story about that moment."

The exhibit showcases the work of 280 photographers from 28 countries, bringing to life vivid images of before, during and after wars through several generations.

Photographer Suzanne Opton has a picture in the exhibition from her series called "Soldiers Faces." She said  that one picture is special because the Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran pictured, survived two wars only to die after coming home.

 "He came home from war unhurt," Opton said. "He became a police officer and was killed when he was answering a domestic abuse call. Killed, as it turns out, by another Iraq war veteran who then killed himself."

"You, as a human being, can relate to people in the pictures because you get it," said Wilkes Tucker. "You see the human moment in that picture."

Opening day is Sunday, Veterans Day, at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Admission on Veteran's Day is free for everyone. Thereafter, admission is $15 to $18 with active military and veterans free at all times.

The exhibition runs through Feb. before it moves to Los Angeles, the second of its four-city tour.

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