Cool air stays in place for remainder of this week

Near-normal temperatures return as we head through weekend

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HOUSTON - Cold air blew in with full force Sunday night and will be with us for another three days, at least.

North breezes began blowing late in the evening on Sunday, along and behind a cold front that also brought us a line of much-needed showers. The core of the cold air settled in by Tuesday morning, as temperatures dropped into the low 40s in Houston and the 30s to the north of the city. Then, with the help of cloud cover, the area struggled to break 60 degrees Tuesday afternoon. 

By comparison, the average high and low temperatures for Houston for this time of year are 74 and 53, respectively. We were 10 to 15 degrees below normal from start to finish on Tuesday.

A persistent northeast wind will continue into Saturday. The northeast wind acts like a conveyor belt, dragging cool air in from up north that serves to reinforce the chill we're already feeling. So, until we see the wind shift to a more southerly or southeasterly direction -- off the Gulf of Mexico -- sweater weather (coat weather in the early morning!) will dominate the Houston landscape.

This week marks the coldest weather we've experienced in Houston so far this season.  It will also be the longest cool spell we've had, lasting nearly a full week before warmer weather returns.

By Sunday, temperatures should moderate back to more normal levels. A south wind will pick up for the second half of the weekend, raising temperatures into the mid 70s for afternoon highs. Until then, get used to morning lows in the 40s and afternoon highs in the mid to upper 60s!

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