Chilly weather in store for Houston for rest of this week

Cold Canadian air filters into the Lone Star state from the north

By Eric Braate - Weather Executive Producer
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HOUSTON - Cold air began to push into the Houston area with a vengeance Monday afternoon, as a gusty north wind kicked up on the heels of a strong cold front.  The north wind will persist through the end of this week, delivering a steady stream of chilly, dry air all the way from Canada.

The weather pattern is caused by a strong low pressure system in the eastern U.S. coupled with a ridge of high pressure out west.  Counterclockwise air flow around the low and clockwise flow around the high creates a funnel effect, sending the northern air straight into Texas and the rest of the southern tier of states.

Low temperatures will be in the 30s and 40s throughout the area, with afternoon highs staying in the 60s.  By Saturday, which should be the coldest day of the week ahead, our afternoon temperatures probably won't break out of the 50s.  In short, we'll definitely need our warm coats every morning this week.  In the afternoon, we may be able to ditch the coats, but a good mid-weight jacket will be a must!

Along with our coats, lotion will be our friend this week.  Because the north wind is pushing in very dry air, humidity levels will be extremely low and you'll probably feel it in the form of unusually dry skin.

The dry air also means no rain for us until we can moisten the atmosphere with a sufficient return flow, or southern wind flow, from the Gulf of Mexico.  That won't happen until next week, at the earliest.

If you're a big fan of cool weather, enjoy the rest of this week.  As we move into March and the spring season, stretches of winter weather like this will be scarce.  In fact, this could turn out to be our last big burst of cold weather before the warm season sets in.

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