BLOG: Future of Tropical Depression #2 uncertain

Bill Read describes how TD2 weakened as it moved over land

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Tropical Depression 2 formed Monday just off the coast of Belize then moved inland overnight.

Tropical Depression 2 formed Monday just off the coast of Belize then moved inland overnight. The satellite image shows considerably less thunderstorm activity with TD 2 Tuesday morning when compared to Monday.

This is not unusual, as most tropical systems become disrupted and weaken when moving over land.   For Tuesday, the main concern will be locally heavy rainfall across the Yucatan and northern portions of Central America. This could lead to some flash flooding and mudslides particularly over hilly or mountainous terrain.

The future of TD 2 is rather uncertain.  The TD is located in a weak but persistent east to west steering current which will bring at least part of the circulation over the warm waters of the Bay of Campeche sometime on Wednesday.  After a short time over water, the system will once again make landfall moving west into the mountains of Mexico Friday and Saturday.

One possibility is the system could become so disrupted over land today and tonight that loses its surface definition and becomes what we weather people call an open wave.  If that occurs it would lower the chances of TD 2 gaining strength again.

Another possibility is the TD maintains its surface feature as it emerges into the Bay of Campeche, where there would at least be a small chance it could further strengthen.

The official forecast from NHC has it continuing as a TD while hugging the coast of the southern Bay of Campeche before dying over Mexico.  The proximity to land and current disorganization suggest little chance of significant strengthening.

TD 2 poses no impact on Texas weather.

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