Atlanta, Southeastern U.S. brace for potentially crushing winter storm

On the heels of major disruption from one ice storm, another takes aim on southern tier of states

By Eric Braate - Weather Executive Producer
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HOUSTON - Winter Storm Warnings are blanketing the southeast. 

Beginning Tuesday night and lasting into Thursday, the region from northern Louisiana all the way to the Mid-Atlantic Coast face a crushing blow from freezing rain, ice, and snow that could shut down entire cities.

Birmingham and Atlanta, in particular, are preparing early to avoid the fiasco from the last winter storm, when both cities came to a screeching halt thanks to snow- and ice-covered roads.

Birmingham could see up to two inches of snow and as much as a tenth of an inch of ice between Tuesday night and Wednesday. 

In Atlanta, northern suburbs could see six inches of snow.  Southern suburbs of the city are more concerned with ice than snow. There, ice build-up from freezing rain could top .5 to .75 inch through Wednesday. That's enough to make roads deadly and cause massive power outages from ice on trees and power lines.

The region expected to get hit hardest is East-Central Georgia, where ice accumulation could top one inch.

From North Georgia to the Carolinas to Virginia and Maryland, snow totals through Thursday will range from six to 14 inches. 

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