Heads up: it’s Severe Weather Awareness week!

Lightning and storms aren't the only kind of severe weather! (Johannes Plenio, none)

This first week of March is Severe Weather Awareness week. If you think about it, most weeks bring some kind of severe weather our way because not all threatening weather is lightning and storms. In fact, today’s topic is HEAT and you can see the others here:

courtesy National Weather Service Houston

Most of us don’t really start thinking about heat until summer, but we’re already seeing high temperature records tied and broken and this week promises near-record numbers as well. Since Feb. 20, we’ve had highs every day in the 70s or 80s! Even our overnight lows have set records for being so warm! According to the CDC, over 600 deaths occur each year in our country due to heat. So here are some quick reminders on staying safe!

courtesy National Weather Service Houston

Of course, a lot of folks work outdoors and already need make sure they are taking precautions in the heat.

Courtesy National Weather Service Houston

When the Heat Warnings come our way (and you know they will) be sure to find some AC:

courtesy National Weather Service Houston

And as I always say, Look before you lock! Of those 600 plus deaths due to heat, an average of 38 children die in hot cars each year. Children and pets should never be left in a car and that advice is for all year. Did you know a third of child deaths in hot cars occur outside summer months!?

Courtesy National Weather Service Houston

There is a lot to think about when staying safe during Houston’s heat! Here is a National Weather Service link with much more on heat and other topics--when you’re on the page just click a picture for more on the topic (teachers, you’ll love this link!).

Stay safe this week and all weeks and, heads up, I’m forecasting highs in the 84-86° range through Thursday!


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