Notable November skies

courtesy Victor Gutierrez from Click2pins

My cover shot today is our last October sunrise of the year -- a perfect Halloween orange this morning and did I mention there’s a World Series Game 3 tonight -- ’witch’ brings me to the forecast for both:

Perfect evening!

Just a little ‘ghoul’ later tonight, but pretty pumpkin perfect! In Philly, there’s a shower scare:

Tonight at 7:03CT

And then we are on to what I call No Nineties November. Officially, at Bush IAH we’ve never had the mercury reach 90° in this next month although Hobby has gotten just to that temperature (most recently in 2017). Our highs generally stay in the 70s with lows in the 50s.

Our skies are full this next month with Saturn, Jupiter and Mars showing up in the evening while Mercury, Jupiter and Mars are around in the morning. No Venus this month as it’s behind the sun until the end of the year. The Leonid meteor showers shoot across the sky mid-month! More on our November sky here.

And the moon continues to grow full:

Click2pins moon shot from Weeinthecity

This full moon is coined the Beaver Moon as those critters are resourceful at getting their shelters ready for winter:

courtesy pixabay

Look for the Full Beaver Moon Nov. 8, and there is a bonus! Just as the moon gets completely full it will also undergo an eclipse! You’ll have to get up early to see the moon turn a copper color, but if skies are clear, this should be very nice viewing:


Yes, that is Election Tuesday so a good reminder to get out and vote!

Put all this together with Thanksgiving, and November is a notable month for skies and pies!

Enjoy and Go Astros!


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