Yesterday’s crazy hazy sky

KPRC2 Towercam 10/4/2022

Yesterday in the early morning hours, a lumber yard on the northeast side of town went ablaze calling in more than a hundred firefighters! Our story on that massive fire is here. A light wind from the northeast sent roiling smoke across downtown skies resulting in, if nothing else, a spectacular smoky sunrise as you can see in my cover shot above! But for most of the morning the skies looked more like a really bad dose of Saharan dust! Here’s a morning shot from yesterday’s smoke-filled sky:

KPRC2 Southwest Freeway camera yesterday morning 10/4/2022

What trapped the smoke? This was a case of our cool mornings turning on us a bit! Cold air sinks and warm air rises, so during the night, the cool air settled into place at the surface while the warm air rose. The reason that cold air sinks is that it is more dense, or heavier, and that heavy air trapped the smoke in place.

The only way to get clear was to wait for the earth’s surface to eventually heat up, which it did, to give us clearing skies by afternoon. The warming air rose, mixing out the smoke.

So this morning, we are back to those October sunrises we are getting used to along with spectacularly pleasant temps.

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Enjoy a much nicer sky today but keep in mind that ragweed pollen counts continue to be extremely heavy while Elm tree pollen is heavy and ozone is high due to all the sunshine.

Elm Tree and Ragweek are in full force!

And FYI...not much rain in the forecast until late next week.


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