Get your head in the clouds!

A lenticularis at sunset over Mono Lake, California, US. © Lewis Kemper

I have blogged before about the Cloud Appreciation Society, the society for people who love the sky, which offers daily cloud pics and other cloud-loving memorabilia to its members (join for as little as $37 a year). I was gifted my membership after speaking to a senior group in Brenham a few years back. Honestly, it’s a nice way to start each day with a fabulous cloud pic submitted from one of its tens of thousands of members.

Cirrus fibratus spotted by Tom Olson over Sydney, Australia

The CAS features a cloud of the day, a cloud of the month and a somewhat-occasional-cloud-newsletter. And they won’t sell your email address either.

Now they’ve come up with a cloud-tastic idea. For the first time ever, THIS Friday, Sept. 16, will be International Cloud Appreciation Day whereby everyone around the world is encouraged to upload their favorite sky picture to the Memory Cloudy Atlas where a single day of sky will live forever! You can find out more information right here and become a part of cloud history! You can even write or record a few words about how that sky pic makes you feel.

As they put it: The Memory Cloud Atlas will serve as a snapshot on a single day of our collective views on the most dynamic, evocative and accessible part of nature: the sky.

Whether it’s rainbows, northern lights, thunderstorms, or a cloud like the one below, all clouds and sky pics are welcome:

Lenticularis over Caviahue, Ptagonia, Argentina. © Alejandro Martìn Jantus

I know from my Click2pins contributors there are plenty of fabulous cloud shots in Southeast Texas so I’m expecting big cloud things!

In addition, a special place for schools to get involved can be found right here and they offer some terrific learning ideas!

So go ahead, get your head in the clouds THIS FRIDAY, TOMORROW and be a part of watching the world come together around the sky!

Have a wonderful day!


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