Steamy Weather Continues This Week

Afternoon temperatures stay very June-like with no end in sight

More hot and sticky weather is on tap for tomorrow

Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight:

We have a good forecast Sunday night with mostly clear skies, and this is important because we’ll see a total lunar eclipse. It’s also being called a Super Flower Blood Moon. Here is what you need to know.

Mostly clear skies should be in place for the lunar eclipse tonight!

Monday’s Forecast:

More heat is on tap for this week starting on Monday. Highs once again will climb into the mid 90s with a south/southwest wind, that usually helps to push our temps higher with that hot, dry wind. Add in the humidity, and it’ll feel like the upper 90s in some spots.

More hot and sticky weather is on tap for tomorrow

Next Rain Chances:

While it is still a week away, we’re crossing our fingers for what could be a cool front that gets close enough to us next weekend that it will help to trigger showers and thunderstorms late Saturday and on Sunday. That will be much needed rain AND potentially shave off a few degrees from the 90s.

A front may get close enough to bring back much needed rain chances

10-day Forecast:

Aside from next weekend’s (hopeful) rain chances, we’ll continue to see hot and summery afternoons all week! Stay hydrated!

Hot weather continues this week!

About the Authors:

KPRC 2's chief meteorologist with three decades of experience forecasting Houston's weather.