April’s cool sky, not a fool’s sky!

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There’s a lot going on in our April sky, especially for you early risers. The fortunate part is that while we are likely to see at least a day of rain each week, forecasts are calling for mostly dry skies (at least through the middle of the month). That means these comfortable walking temperatures and clear morning canvases will continue!

Of course, everyone loves the moon and while it’s ‘new’ tonight, the thin crescent moon will smile down on us tomorrow night! Skies will be clear, too!

The crescent moon shows up April 2nd! Heading to full April 16th. courtesy pixabay.com

Our full moon occurs April 16th, called the Full Pink Moon after the pink ground phlox--it’s that time of year for this flower to start showing up. If we were the ones doing the naming it’d be called the Full Bluebonnet Moon.

courtesy pixabay.com

So the moon will be spectacular this year and full just in time for Easter weekend. In the meantime, the planets are rising in all their glory and you can see them in the first part of the month before sunrise:

courtesy Earthsky.org

Look at that! Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn all highlighted in the southeastern sky.

What about Mercury?

You evening sky watchers will be able to enjoy Mercury starting in the latter part of the month:

courtesy Earthsky.org

You can read up on the whole sky and get even more insight into our different planets at Earthsky.org.

Have a wonderful, safe weekend. I’m on R&R next week so will see you back here April 11th!


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