Early peek at spring break week

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Just in time for an extra hour of daylight, spring break across most of Houston begins this weekend. Right now, and this is very extended, it looks like we’ll have pretty nice weather although this weekend kicks off with a rain chance Friday and a big cool down Saturday. Here’s the American model forecast for THIS FRIDAY:

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That cooldown looks to be the last big snap of the season, but lows around the freezing mark north and west of Houston are certainly possible. Here is a look at Saturday morning lows:

courtesy tropicaltidbits.com

Saturday afternoon only bumps to the 50s and Sunday morning is in the 30s also. Temps warm Monday, fortunately, and we’re back in the 70s before you can say “beachball”! A near-miss for rain scoots to our north on Tuesday but another rain chance comes our way Friday week, March 18:

courtesy tropicaltidbits.com

Here’s the 10-day forecast, but keep checking back. Weathercasts are always set in sand, not stone!



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