What’s in your rain gauge?

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This week I’ve been busy keeping up with rainfall amounts since May 1st and the reader response has been strong--everyone is curious as to just how much rain we’ve had. So I put together two maps, rather than just lists. First, the surrounding Metro Area:

Rainfall has averaged 2' the last three months!

I did count traces of rain, as I have explained, because of the way the rain has been coming down: even if an airport location only got a trace of it, nearby neighborhoods usually saw measurable rain. Here’s the southeast Texas tally:

Rainfall exceeded 3' in Palacios!

I had the idea of creating a map whereby you could click on a station and see just how the rain stacked up, day by day. However, the data from the National Weather Service doesn’t link that way. So I have to settle for a link to the page where you can do your own data dive month by month. Here’s what it looks like and you can see it’s pretty simple in 4 steps to get to the daily climate information:

Follow Steps 1-4 for monthly climate data

Just follow THIS LINK to get to that page. Then highlight “Preliminary Monthly Climate Data” followed by the “Location” you want and the Month you want. Then just click “Go”. This data goes back five years!

Any More Rain?

We do have a chance for showers today and then again the middle of next week. But get ready for a HOT weekend with highs ranging from 95-100° and Feels Like Temps near 110°! The NWS put out this great graphic today:

NWS Forecast/Tips

So the July Fry is back. Be careful and enjoy the weekend!


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