What to know about our 2 fronts

Umbrellas are back in fashion for this week
Umbrellas are back in fashion for this week

Our first full week of spring will spring a couple of leaks starting as early as tonight.

You can see two fronts headed our way: the first moves through later tonight into tomorrow (and comes back tomorrow night as a warm front).

The second front is right now out in the Pacific Northwest and will roll over the Rockies and into our area by Wednesday night and Thursday (gone by Thursday afternoon).

Front 1 comes in tonight while Front 2 moves in Wednesday night/Thursday morning

The first front is fairly weak and, given how dry our weekend was, there simply isn’t a lot of moisture to lift and drop on us! Don’t look for much rain and, since we’ll see this front move across at night, the thunderstorms with it will be isolated. Bottom line: limited severe weather from this front, but nuisance rain and gloomy conditions tomorrow.

The second front arrives Wednesday night and will have a bit more strength, so look for a line of storms then into Thursday morning, clearing the area by Thursday afternoon and leaving us with a pretty nice weekend!

Here’s the American Model for the rain this week:

American Model

So how much rain?

Enough to soak those frozen plants, which still need it, but nowhere near enough to pose a flood threat. Here’s the QPF, or precipitation forecast, for the next 5 days.

Rain amounts are limited for us this week

Most of that rain, 1 to 1.5 inches, will fall Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Notice that heavier rain amounts are over New Orleans and southern Mississippi and Alabama. Keep an umbrella handy and I’ll let you know if anything changes!


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