What to know about Wednesday’s stormy weather

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Over the weekend, the exciting “winter weather word” -- the one that begins with “S” -- has been flurried about over social media. The latest word from me is “Snowpe,” as in “Nope.” Still, a strong cold front is poised to move through, so let’s talk about first, WHEN.

Here’s the latest synoptic forecast showing the front on Wednesday morning and Thursday morning:

Wednesday front location
Thursday Morning Front Location

Original timing first had the front in here overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, but there’s been a slowdown. Wednesday evening looks to be when the actual front gets here. The latest European model shows only a quick blip of possible snow north of Austin and nowhere near here:

You can see a quick bit of "blue" out toward Austin to the west

The American Model concurs with any frozen precip well west of Houston. Watch the blue and purple colors indicating ice and snow:

American Model

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