What to know about Monday’s cold front

Relief on the way!
Relief on the way!

With a weekend ahead in the 100° to 102° range for highs, we need a little relief, and it’s on the way! So here is the skinny on just what’s what.

First, the front IS there to our north. That’s always good as opposed to “might develop.” You can see it on this map where I’ve highlighted it in yellow:

Cold Front in Yellow Highlight

The front is currently producing strong storms in the Dakotas and the only good thing about that is it’s telling as to the strength of the front. We need it strong to get it here!

By Sunday, the front is in Oklahoma, to our north. A front like this always turns our winds to come from the west and I’ve drawn a red arrow below indicating that. This is important because a west wind is a HOT wind and Sunday may be the day we get to 102° -- the hottest of the weekend.

Front on Sunday

The front moves through Monday as a rain producer, which we need, and by Tuesday the position pulls it through Houston. I’ve drawn in blue arrows indicating a nice wind shift to the Northeast. Relief!

Wind Shift!

So what’s it gonna do?

I posted on Facebook about this last night and got a few, “What is the big deal?” remarks! The big deal is that while it will still be warm (in the low to mid-90s), the dewpoint temperatures, indicating the dry air, will be in the 60s Tuesday morning, which is very comfortable for August:

Tuesday Morning Dew point Temps

And Tuesday afternoon, the relative humidity will be hovering around a comfortable 40-45%.

Tuesday Afternoon Humidity

And here is some other good news: if the front can “park” itself along the eastern seaboard for a bit it will help steer any possible tropical storms away from the US!

Enjoy it while it lasts. You know how it is around here!


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