Chasing the Neowise comet AND showers for Sunday

Skychart showing the location of Comet C/2020 F3 just after sunset, July 15 through 23.
Skychart showing the location of Comet C/2020 F3 just after sunset, July 15 through 23. (Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Another round of afternoon showers was a much needed sign of a changing weather pattern and more wet weather is on tap for a good chunk of next week as well! Saturday night should see a round of mostly clear skies which will allow for some good viewing conditions for checking out the NEOWISE comet!

Look NW in the sky after sunset to see the comet!

Sunday morning starts steamy again in the upper 70s and we’ll see another round of low to mid 90s, which is much more typical for our area in the middle of August. Once again by the afternoon, pop up showers and some isolated thunderstorms will spark around lunchtime into the late afternoon hours.

More pop up showers for Sunday

The dome of high pressure that was located over Texas and led to our heat advisories last week has moved east. The result is tropical moisture along the southern perimeter of that high will rotate around that perimeter and into Texas for the next week. Some of the heftier downpours will be capable of dropping a quick inch or two as they move through. Considering the lack of rain the past week or so, it will be much needed for many of us.

More tropical waves will bring in higher rain chances by Friday

Given the extreme heat we saw for two weeks previously, a bit of a soggy week overall is likely a good thing for everyone’s grass, garden and cars!

Sunday 10-day forecast

The next ten days all look similar with highs in the low 90s and rain in the forecast each day. Thursday and Friday the rain chances will go up because of the expected arrival of a tropical wave of moisture along the Texas coast. Anytime this kind of wave appears in the Gulf this time of the year it bears watching but as of now there is no expectation it will develop into anything more than a couple of days of moderate to heavy rain.

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