Looking four-ward to a lifetime event

2017 Great American Eclipse

So much is being eclipsed right now, let’s look forward to a time when all this is behind us and we can focus on a spectacular solar event: the full total eclipse of 2024!

2024 Eclipse Path

Mark your calendars for April 8, 2024, as the path of this eclipse goes straight over Texas -- and quickly, as the moon’s shadow will cross the state at a speed of 1,687mph! That’s 478 miles in 17 minutes.

Eclipse Path over Texas

So it’s important to have a watch handy and perhaps a hotel room. Houston will be spectacular -- 94.1% totality, but 100% totality occurs in San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. The timing is for early afternoon, so feasibly you could drive to one of those locations that Monday morning, but can you imagine the traffic if everyone thinks of that?

Eclipse Path Information

No, my guess is folks will buy some fancy eclipse hotel package, head to a totality city on Saturday to enjoy weekend eclipse festivals, gathering Monday morning after an eclipse breakfast (sunny side up?) to witness the eclipse itself. Then fight traffic home that afternoon. I’ve looked: no eclipse packages yet or hotel reservations being accepted, but you heard it here first! Something to look forward to!

On a personal note, today is Good Friday. Imagine the fear and despair of the original Good Friday, the tears and the suffering. Only to be followed Easter morning with awe and hope. Have a safe and relaxing weekend and remember that hope always conquers fear.


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