Why Houston will be warmer and drier than normal this month


That dried out corn above is from 2016 (photo credit: Bob Nichols/USDA) and while we're certainly not there right now, you may have noticed how dry we've been the last month, with generally only a third to half the normal rainfall. December has been dry and November came in like this:

BUSH 1.12" Rain which is -3.22" below normal

HOBBY 2.14" Rain which is -2.18" below normal

GALVESTON 2.63" Rain which is -1.90" below normal

COLLEGE STATION 1.27" Rain which is -1.95" below normal

And did you notice how WINDY it has been? November winds across all sites averaged 22-25mph with max winds on November 11/12 in the 40-50mph range! But very little rain. Here's the synoptic map from that day and, obviously, a cold front came through:


When we get high winds and little rain, a front is moving awfully fast by the Jet Stream, those super fast winds up where airplanes fly! The jet has been in what we call a 'zonal flow' (straight across from west to east) and fast: 100-150mph! Here is today:


So any storms are going to move to zip across--and the forecast for the jet through next week is pretty much to be in the same position. Bottom line: is there any rain in the forecast?

Not much. Three system will be moving our way over the next two weeks. Right now they are all going to be moving too fast to drop much rain. The American Model suggests maybe an inch total:


So it's no surprise that the Climate Forecast for the month is for warmer and drier than normal:


That A means above normal temps and that B means below normal rain!

Enjoy the dry, mild weather because we both know it won't last.


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