A Houston Dome Dream and a Travel Nightmare!


Houston, TX – Last Friday, after our story ran about the Astrodome renovation being stopped in its tracks, I blogged about my idea of turning into a Museum of the Future using private and public funds, like Discovery Green. Call it Discovery Dome! My original blog is right here.

I had plenty of feedback from those who liked the idea to others who are plenty tired of the story and ready to call it a day on the Dome. Other interesting ideas: Greenhouse, Casino, Urban Park, Movie Studio, race track.

So, your ideas not withstanding, I went back to my Museum of the Future and ran a Facebook Poll. Simple Yes or No question, do you like the idea or not?

I garnered 663 votes (the minimum for a solid poll result is 400) and of those:

76% said Yes, good idea

24% said No, not for me

You can view the poll and the comments with what others thought right here.

Of course, good ideas are a lot easier to come up with than to realize. I heard from one viewer who has been instrumental in trying to re-home the Dome for years and she told me that until the support of the Texans, the Rodeo and the County officials are all on board, then anything happening in that space is only a dream.


From dream to nightmares, if you are traveling Wednesday for Thanksgiving, take heed!  Let's start with Tuesday and Denver where 10-20" of snow is forecast and Winter Weather Watches go from there to northern Wisconsin.

Wednesday air travel north toward Chicago to the Northeast is going to be tricky and expect delays. Out West another system promises rain and snow from California to the Rocky Mountains up to Washington State. Here's the American Model Forecast for Wednesday:



And Sunday return travel looks just as hairy for the East and West! Here's the American Model Forecast for SUNDAY:


If you're staying put, we're in okay shape. This cold front moves through Tuesday Night with showers and storms, so we cool a bit Wednesday. Thanksgiving Day looks cloudy and mild with only a 30% shower chance. Dominique and I will be hosting Holiday Lights Friday evening at 7pm on KPRC Channel 2 from Moody Gardens and I'm doing my best to keep any showers away!

We'll keep you updated! Our forecast is right here.


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