Here’s my idea: Let’s make a Discovery Dome in Houston


Is our "8th Wonder of the World" fast becoming the "8th Blunder of the World"?? KPRC Reporter Robert Arnold went to air last Wednesday with a report on just where the Astrodome renovation (or not) stands and came away with the often heard last line "We'll keep you posted."

Money? Motivation? Priority? We've had ideas for the Astrodome, like this Urban Park:


And just last year a $100 million plus project was slated to begin and should be just about finished by now. A Sportsplex combination:


But it hasn't been touched.

So hear me out on my idea. We have have Discovery Green, so why not Discovery Dome? And make it a Museum of the Future! After all, the whole structure built in 1965 was to represent the future as America embraced new technologies and space exploration.

Everything we touch has a future: Climate, Energy, Science, Transportation, Space, Population, Economy, Farming, Weather Forecasting!...the subjects are endless and a museum to bring in experts (I'm looking at you Rice Thinktank) and others to guide the construction and displays should be as easy as it would be exciting.

I googled "Museum of the Future" to see if anyone has us scooped and admit that I did find an amazing structure going up in Dubai:


Currently under construction, this will be a showpiece in Dubai. Their mission statement: The Museum of the Future builds on over five years of immersive exhibitions created for the World Government Summit, a global platform dedicated to the future of public service, held each year in Dubai. These exhibitions focused on the role of future technology in diverse sectors such as government services, healthcare, climate change and food security.

You can read more about Dubai's Museum right here, but I think we can take the concept so much further! Bigger, better, flashier. Even bigger than Epcot. We're Texas for gosh sake! We have some of the best museums in the country right here in Houston already and with NASA down the road, a dedication to the future of all things is more than on task.

So, how to pay for this Museum of the Future, "Discovery Dome", that is on the rail line and usually will have plenty of parking? Just ask Discovery Green. Private interests stepped up along with the city and funded the whole wonderful park!

So, that's my idea. I'd like to know your thoughts. Email me!


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