No-90s degree November in Houston?

Houston, TX – Let's start with this morning: Freezing around the area and cold everywhere else! Take a look at where the mercury landed:

Columbus 28

Conroe 30

Brenham 30

Huntsville 31

Katy 32

College Station 32 (almost to the record 31)

Tomball 32

Wharton 33

Sugar Land 34

Angleton 35

Bush 36

Hobby 38

Pearland 38

Galveston 47

That's a November wake-up call even though we could well be eating Thanksgiving Turkey on the patio--you just never know around here.

I used to call this month No-Nineties November as summer's grip finally loosens for good and we at least stay below that mark. Generally (there is always a 'generally'), that is still true as Bush/IAH has yet to record a 90-degree temperature in this month. We have hit 89F seven times on record, but No-Nineties still holds true.

Getting to Hobby there is a slightly different story as we've hit 90 four times: 1934, 1973 and twice in 2017. Still nothing ABOVE 90 and no nineties after November 5th...but a later benchmark nonetheless.

Galveston's hottest marks in at 85F in 2016 while College Station has recorded above-90 in five years with even a 94 in 1921.

Speaking of Galveston, how is it the Lone Star Rally almost ALWAYS has fantastic weather? If you want an outdoor wedding that is rain-free I would suggest the first weekend of November. Don't ask me how or why, just seems to always work out!

Update on Mosquitoes: MOST of you seem to agree that there weren't as many this past summer. The attributions to dragonflies, which eat them, was a biggie along with bats and dry weather (of course, Imelda fixed that for too many). Rural areas have been most under attack, so my guess is that county and city mosquito spraying is really doing its job. Some home-misters help, of course, but it's hard to beat a strong fog of mosquito spray (and to think we used to ride our bikes behind those spray trucks just inhaling it--I'm surprised I'm still here).

Amazing November Weekend on tap!! Enjoy!

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