A huge weather "change-up" from playoffs to pumpkins

Houston – Weather changes this week will come in almost faster than a Verlander Pitch! After a superb weekend, we're line-driving nice weather through Tuesday, so if you're heading to the Juice Box or an Astros watch party, all is looking great.

Time will tell if we need a Wednesday game, and that's when the COLD FRONT game-changer shows up!


Highs in the 80s Wednesday, but notice the snow in the Panhandle. Storms Wednesday night into Thursday morning mean a messy start to Halloween.  The rains clear for Trick-or-Treating, but talk about howling at the moon: winds will average 20mph and temperatures all day don't get out of the 50s! Here's the map for Thursday afternoon:


So make sure that costume is cozy 'cause you'll need it! Here's our forecast.

happy family mother father and children in costumes and makeup on a celebration of Halloween


Lows Friday morning drop into the low 40s, the coldest weather this season! 

Weather to celebrate continues as we go from brooms to vrooms at the weekend's LONE STAR MOTORCYCLE RALLY down in Galveston (those folks seem to always have nice weather!) and VOTING DAY the following Tuesday looks perfect.

Quite the roller coaster, so stay Weather Aware and you'll know what to wear for the weather! Oh, and don't forget to Fall Back those clocks Saturday night!


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