These are the 10 areas of Houston that got the most rain today

HOUSTON – As expected, the area of low pressure in the Gulf has been upgraded to Tropical Depression 17. With 35 mph sustained wind as of the 10 a.m. advisory, there are reported gusts of 45 mph and a north movement of 16 mph.

The tropical moisture from the northernmost part of this system has been fueling our rain this morning as that moisture collided with a cold front. As a result we had several flood advisories in the Houston metro before rain rates fell to a very manageable .25 per hour in the Galveston County area where 2-3 inches has fallen.

The cold front will help push TD 17 to the east of the Houston Metro as it takes a more NNE direction for the next 12 hours or so before making landfall in Louisiana.


Rainfall amounts have been manageable this morning with the Sante Fe, Alvin and Clear Lake areas receiving a bit more than 4 inches in the last 12 hours. The National Weather Service reporting nothing more than minor street flooding in the usual low lying areas.


Here are the rain totals for today:


4.48" Santa Fe

4.32" La Porte

4.32" Garden Acres

4.16" Friendswood

3.64" Kemah

3.52" Pasadena

3.48" League City

3.40" Taylor Lake Village

3.36" Jamaica Beach

3.28" Baytown

The story the rest of the day will be the wind and cooler temperatures with gusts 20-30mph and temperatures staying no warmer than the 50s!


The weekend will be cool with plenty of sunshine.

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