More cold fronts are coming


So how was YOUR weekend?!

I get a lot of Facebook reactions to different posts (you can like my page right here to follow me), but never have I had such response to the picture above with more than 1,500 clicks! Clearly, we are all connected by either adorable dogs, hot coffee, comfortable porches or crisp cold fronts. Perhaps all of them.

And crisp it was. Look at the temperature drop at Bush/IAH from the high last Thursday, Day 10, to the low Friday morning, Day 11! From 92F to 52F.  A 40F drop!


So, now that we've gotten through that delightful dose of autumn, the next fronts won't be quite as dramatic. Still, the door is now open for fall fronts and that means two things: continued cooldowns and chances for rain. The first front is soon -- late tomorrow night into early Wednesday morning:


Downpours of 1-2" are possible as the front comes through with a few thunderstorms. This will be an overnight event so minimal impacts to the commutes although a few showers may linger into Wednesday morning.

I'll watch the timing on that one! Temperatures for Thursday morning will drop into the upper 50s with a high Thursday only in the mid-70s.

Further out is a week from now, next Monday, with a rainmaker:


This one promises strong winds out of the northwest, much like last Friday, with a cool down into the 40s and a high the following Tuesday only in the 60s! We'll see. That's a ways off, but Katie bar the door!

Enjoy the changing weather. And the coffee!


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