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You can read today's blog title as "Important Running" and Weather! This is my reminder to all you men out there, and those that love you, that this is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month!

I know, nobody wants to be nagged about check ups and doctor visits, but let's take a moment to get rid of any myths you might have heard about prostate cancer, as in "you die with it, not from it." Yes, men do die from it. In fact, almost 32,000 men every year die from prostate cancer which places it the #3 killer of men behind lung cancer (76,000) and heart disease (348,000). 

Blue Cure Night Run at Sam Houston Park

Bravo for what we do for breast cancer and the awareness the pink ribbons and cure runs have brought to us for almost four decades. If you don't know, the Blue Cure Foundation has the same mission for prostate cancer and the Blue Cure Night Run is THIS SATURDAY, September 28th in Downtown Houston from 4pm to 10pm.

Blue Cure Night Run at Sam Houston Park

Sign up right here or just come and support! 

One other myth is that you don't need a prostate cancer screening PSA test until you are over age 50. More and more men are being diagnosed in their 30s and I personally know three such guys. Early diagnosis of any cancer can be life-saving, so make this simple PSA blood test a part of your regular check ups. And if your father or brother had prostate cancer then your chance of having it is 50% higher. Also, if you are African American your chances are 50% higher. Regardless, 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with the disease and 1 in 41 will die of it. Let's get that stat lower and lower with better awareness!

The weather promises to be summer sultry, with temps in the upper 80s, but chances of rain are only 20% and the mission is 100% important. So that is the "weather" part---now get running!


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