High water strands motorists on I-10 at Wayside

HOUSTON – It was an underpass underwater, bringing with it a backup that lasted for miles.

"I was scared. I still am because I don’t like driving in the rain anyway," Lila Walker said.

Although Wednesday's fast-moving storm was in and out in hurry, the traffic nightmare lasted longer, with cars practically at a standstill along I-10 at Wayside Drive.

Many drivers were stuck for hours.

"It’s kind of scary. I don’t want to go through (the high water) and have my car flood out," Jo Rivere said.

Others drivers weren’t so lucky.

Lorenzo Gutierrez was left stranded and waiting for help after his car flooded.

"I was going towards Houston, and when I crossed the water, my car just stopped," Gutierrez said.

While the drive home for many lasted a lot longer than expected, their advice to others was mostly the same.

"When it’s raining that hard, you can hardly see. It can happen in a matter of minutes," Gutierrez said.

"It might look like it's (the water level is) low, but no, don’t risk it," Belinda Rodriguez said.

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