Here's where the city is working on repairs along Buffalo Bayou

HOUSTON – There will be some major repairs along the Buffalo Bayou as the Harris County Flood Control District and the Buffalo Bayou Partnership work together to restore and upkeep parts of the waterway that were heavily impacted by Hurricane Harvey nearly two years after the major weather event.

While there is plenty of work left to be done, organizers with the Buffalo Bayou Partnership said they Buffalo Bayou has come a long way.

The $9.7 million project is expected to be completed in a year. It is funded by the Natural Resource Conservation Service and the Buffalo Bayou Project.

Where will the repairs along Buffalo Bayou happen?

The repairs will take place in several focus areas along the bayou from Sabine Street to Shepherd Drive. Repairs will start in the area underneath the Sabine Bridge and will continue down the bayou, starting this month.

“We’ve broken it down into seven phases. We’re going to be constructing those phases one phase at a time and as that takes place our contractors will be placing detouring signage for trail routes, so that way folks know how to move around … how to get around the system,” Jason Krahn, project manager with the Harris County Flood Control District, said.

What repairs will be taking place?

The work being done around the bayou will not be additive flood control measures, but work to restore and repair already existing systems.

“After Harvey, the system did work as it was designed. We have features that are designed to capture sediment accumulation as they wash up downstream. Repairs will be made to those. Those sediment accumulations will be removed to restore capacity in those areas. Other areas which were not previously worked did have severe erosion that was caused by Hurricane Harvey. In those areas, we are going to come in, we’re going to make repairs to the slopes, so we can reestablish vegetation,” Krahn said.

The repairs will also include work near boating areas of the bayou.

“With our boating community, with the paddle traffic that comes down Buffalo (Bayou), you will see areas where we are doing carrying control of water, so the contractor can get down low and get in the water to make those repairs. Please be aware of that as well as the boat traffic comes down,” Krahn said.

What else do you need to know?

The repairs are expected to take one year and will eventually open areas that were previously closed including trails closed due to erosion at Lost Lake. The changes and detours will be posted on the Buffalo Bayou Partnership website and the HCFCD website.

“We just urge people to pay attention to the signs that they have up. There will be significant equipment out here, so safety is paramount in our eyes,” Anne Olson, president of the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, said.

“We ask that people please take precaution, you will see heavy machinery on the bayou and increased truck traffic on Allen parkway and other areas,” Krahn said.

Olson and Krahn said, despite the work that needs to be done, the bayou has come a long way.