Frank's Weather or Not: Heat, hurricanes and ships ahoy


Heads up for heat!

We average five days a year of 100F or higher and we're in the midst of five straight days of triple-digit temperatures. The Heat Advisory today most likely will continue right through the weekend and latest model runs (GFS) suggest even into next week we don't get a break.


That Heat Index, or Feels Like, is what becomes so dangerous so Stay Cool, Hydrated and Inside! Pets, too!


The National Hurricane Center upped the chances for a busy hurricane season, despite only two storms having formed so far (and the next week looks graveyard). 


More hurricanes are certainly not a guarantee, just an increased chance for them:


So still a 35% chance for a near-normal season and even a 20% chance we stay below average! Why the increase to 45%? No El Nino! Those upper level winds have been holding developing storms at bay and you'll notice the red line on the graph below is very close to neutral, which means those winds won't be there to help.



One way to escape the Heat Index--go for the Fun Index! Take a New England cruise! That's where I'll be next week with the Vacayans on the newly refurbished Celebrity Summit!


No advertising, I paid full boat...but I am really excited and you have to admit, when a weatherman takes a chance on a vacation in the middle of hurricane season, it's really lucky this is working out! I'll be posting when internet allows so follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you don't already!

Have a SAFE COOL WEEKEND! Did I mention it's the WEEKEND?!


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