Humidity returns Sunday with increased chance of showers


HOUSTON – Well, the return of summer is full circle as we're back to scattered downpours pounding some areas while elsewhere, it's just hot and sticky. 

Temperatures, where we're not seeing rain, will remain in the low 90s, otherwise, rain-cooled for a bit but should remain warm and humid for the rest of the afternoon.

Storms will wind down by dinner time and we'll settle in for another mild evening in the mid-80s.

On Monday, more of the same, sticky start in the upper 70s, back to the low 90s before afternoon downpours fire up around lunchtime through sunset. 

Tuesday, another cold front tries to nose through the area bringing showers and thunderstorms, however, this one likely won't have the same cooling effect last week's front did, so expect a damp and warm mid-week forecast. 


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