July cold front: Brief break from humidity starts Wednesday

HOUSTON – Houston is about to get a nice break from oppressive humidity and high heat.

A cold front moved through Tuesday morning and dry air is slowly moving into the region.

Tuesday afternoon will still be hot with temperatures in the low 90s, but the weather will start to feel more comfortable by Tuesday night.



The real relief arrives Wednesday. By the morning, the bubble of humidity in the Houston area will be popped and temperatures will start to drop. The afternoon will still be very warm, close to 90 degrees, but morning temperatures will be delightful and cool for July. Expect 60s north of town Wednesday morning. Thanks to lower humidity 90 degrees Wednesday afternoon will be easier to handle compared to the typical July fry.



Thursday morning will be the coolest start with temperatures feeling more like early October than late July. Widespread 60s may have some folks jumping out of bed early to enjoy it.



Take advantage of the beautiful weather because typical Houston heat and humidity will return by the end of the week and the July fry will be in full force by the weekend.

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