Frank's Weather or Not: Holy July Front, Batman!


HOUSTON – Getting out the parka yet? I know...I've been talking about this front all last week and it's now or never time as a true 'cold' front meanders across the state today getting here overnight.

Here's the placement for this evening:



By the way, from a true meteorological standpoint we only have cold fronts, warm fronts, stationary fronts and occluded fronts---there is no such thing as a 'cool' front. But around here I do use that term when we're only dropping the temps a few degrees or shifting the wind a bit!  Call it what you like, we haven't had a July Record Low here in 25 years! And it's possible that Wednesday morning we just might break the current 68° from 1972! Our forecast is right at that number; but it's possible, if the air is dry enough, that we can scoot below that!



And you may know that 88° and 68° around here is more typical for Mid May than the fourth week of July. I think the low humidity stays with us much of the week.  Even when our winds turn southeast on Friday, if there is enough dry air over the Gulf, then it will still feel pretty nice!

Speaking of the Gulf, Galveston had a Surf Dog contest this weekend and guess which dog got all the attention? This one:



Thanks Billy Hill for the photo---you are always the Cat's Meow!

Have a great week! 


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