Frank's Weather or Not: More Storms for Houston


Houston, TX – You probably heard the bowling alley this morning as an MCC (Mesoscale Convective Complex = Small Cluster of Strong Storms) rolled in from North Texas just in time for an early wake up call and a messy commute! Tomball picked up more than 5" of rain. Here's the HCOEM map for totals:



Impressive numbers and a lot of noise! Get ready for more. We'll have a break tonight but the WRF model (Weather Research Forecast) indicates another system by tomorrow afternoon out of Mexico:



Some timing suggests tomorrow evening, so we'll have a close eye on it. After that, pretty standard summertime heat and humidity with afternoon rain chances. Our forecast is here.

For now, the tropics remain quiet!


My birthday was not quiet! We spent a long family weekend in Arkansas where you pay no more than $5 for a glass of wine, premium gas is still called High Test, and Sweet Tea is a staple. I'll tell you this: the steaks are as good as any in Houston and the warmth of the people just as strong! I share June 22nd as a birthday with my Mom and thanks to all of you for the kind words.



We're both happy to be here!!



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