Hot, humid conditions stick around for the weekend

Friday brought record-breaking heat

HOUSTON – There is no heat advisory Saturday, but that doesn’t mean we’ll see much of a break in the hot, humid and hazy conditions we've been experiencing.

Several records were set Friday for high minimum temperatures as it never got below 85 degrees in Galveston and 82 degrees at Bush and Hobby airports, though the temperature “dropped all the way down” to 81 degrees in College Station. All of them are new record high minimum temperatures.

We will probably see several more of those Saturday with the low so far today at Bush Intercontinental Airport of 82 degrees while the current record high minimum temperature is 79 degrees set in 1969.

Rain chances are 20% to 30% for Saturday with some of those isolated showers possibly developing into heavy downpours because of the high moisture content of the atmosphere. It is because of that same high moisture and humidity that the “feels like” temperatures Saturday afternoon will likely be in the 100-104 degree category for much of the region.

Expect Sunday to be more of the same, except with an increased chance for rain. Monday will be the  highest rain chance day for much of the week.

Temperatures will remain at or above seasonal norms with highs mostly in the 90-94 degree range most of the week and low temperatures heading back into the upper to mid-70s starting Monday.

The tropics are quiet for at least the next five days.

Think smart. Drink plenty of water. Find shade when you can and look before you lock your car!

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