Frank's Weather or Not: A Museum, A Moon, and a Model (or two)


HOUSTON – Great fun speaking to a group of Lake Jackson realtors yesterday and thanks to them and Stewart Title for having me! I'll be in League City Monday, at HUB insurance Wednesday and on the West Side (at Flemings, yes!) on Thursday of next week!

I had to pass on an invitation this evening for the new grand opening of the Houston Maritime Museum! What a GREAT experience and I'm so happy this has come to fruition.



Open Tuesday through Saturday, 9am to 5pm, on Canal Street. From Museum Director Leslie Bowlin "the collection has grown to over eight galleries that cover the world of maritime history and culture from early navigation and exploration, to World War II and the modern merchant marine, and also to today’s energy industry."

And check out the Ship Models while you are there!


Speaking of models...in Galveston this weekend not only the annual Bathing Beauty Beach Revue:


But also  a collection of oldie and goodie Classic Rides:


Check them out on the Island http://www.galvestonbeachrevue.com/carshow/ The weather should hold out tomorrow for the better part of the day for this and Sunday looks dry! Our forecast is here.


And a reminder about that BLUE MOON this weekend called that because it is the THIRD full moon in one season. Usually you just have three (one per month) given there are three months. However, occasionally, due to the timing of the seasons, you get four in one season. Here is the list for this season: Full Worm Moon March 20th, Full Pink Moon April 19th, Full Flower Moon May 18th and Full Strawberry Moon June 17th. It won't look blue, by the way, unless you have a nice filter:


From Earthsky.org: Desert Blue Moon from our friend Priya Kumar in Oman, August 2012. Thank you, Priya!

Have a moon-iful weekend and watch those storms tomorrow! Our KPRC2 Weather Team is on it!



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