Frank's Weather or Not: A Hole Lot of Nothing?


Houston – The first photographed Black Hole! Don't be fooled by the idea of a nothing hole -- it's just a place where there is so much packed into such a small space that the gravitational pull is so strong not even light can escape it!

And the viral photo that has been released is not actually the black hole itself (it's black, you can't see it or photograph it), but rather the light being sucked into it! 


The first photo of a black hole, sort of

I found two terrific articles on black holes here and here! Some great information!


So what are you doing this weekend, Mr. Procrastinator? Taxes, maybe? Admittedly, mine just got finished. I started googling curiously to what extent natural disasters can be written off one's taxes and came across this fabulous blog from Kay Bell called "Don't Mess With Taxes"! She's a native Texan so I loved the pun in the title and she has some terrific advice free! I learned that, yes, natural disasters can be written off but as far as tragedies, that is about all that can be written off now (there used to be other uninsured write-offs like property stolen or house fires, but no more). You can get all the Texas Taxes take from Kay, right here!


Tomorrow may well be a great day to stay indoors and finish your return. Rain is forecast and there is the chance for severe weather if you are in the north/northeast part of our viewing area. Here's the latest Morning, Afternoon and Evening model run from the FV3-GFS and you'll notice those yellow and orange colors leave most of us alone! Still, stay weather aware from tomorrow morning to afternoon.


Saturday Morning


Saturday Afternoon


Saturday Evening

More on this potential severe situation is right here.


So given the rain chances, the pick day for the Chappell Hill Bluebonnet Festival will be Sunday. Here's a wonderful reminder of our favorite flower from our morning reporter KPRC2 Vincent Crivelli



Thanks for the photo, Vincent, and welcome to Spring in Texas!

Have a safe weekend, everyone!


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