Frank's Weather or Not: The Weekend is ON DECK!

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Batter's Up! Congrats to the Astros as the MLB season is now officially underway. So just what kind of temperature swing in our division can baseball fans expect from the start of the season to the end? From Climate Central comes this graphic:


So our average daytime temps during the season "swing" 18°, peaking at an average of 95° during the middle of the season. Here's Houston specifically:


Smart we built a baseball park for all seasons! The Astros Home Opener in a week looks to be a mild one in the upper 70s with a shower around, but not enough to stop fans!

Speaking of climate change, Al Roker takes to the 49th state and reports from Alaska next Monday and Tuesday. That state is being affected by climate change twice as fast as the rest of us. I'll be interested to see what he discovers.


You can see more of why and where he is going exactly at this link from this morning's Today Show third hour. Good luck, Al and sport those blue goggles with pride!


While we are on fashion, the Bayou City Art Festival starts today through Sunday at Memorial Park from 10am to 6pm! Each day should be fine, although a little jacket weather for Sunday. I know there is rain in the forecast but that will be a bit Saturday night and then Sunday morning. Don't cancel any plans. Here's our forecast. Dominique and I have decided we just LOVE their title painting this year by Julio Garcia:

A lovely way to end the month, which by the way, came in like a lamb and is going out like a lamb. The lions have stayed north of us this March! Have a great weekend! We'll be celebrating our son's 31st birthday Saturday night and I'll post the pics on Monday! 


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