Frank's Weather or Not: It's Out! Now that we have your attention....

The aftermath of a chemical fire at a facility in Deer Park, Texas, is seen from the air on March 20, 2019.
The aftermath of a chemical fire at a facility in Deer Park, Texas, is seen from the air on March 20, 2019. (KPRC)

HOUSTON – What a relief to wake up to reports of the Deer Park fire being OUT! A bright blue sky for Spring!

If you've been watching our weather reports then you know there has been a lot of talk about Air Quality which, honestly, is a more gentle way of talking about Air Pollution. Rather than assessing how bad the air is, we talk about how good the air might be...the quality of it vs the pollution of it.

The reports always include Ozone which occurs when sunlight breaks down auto emmissions (nitrous and sulpher oxides) as well as Particulate Matter, or PMs. Those are important because PM = Air Pollution. All that hard to see "stuff" in the air that you don't want to breathe, but you do.

Here is this morning's Air Quality graphic and I've circled the Ozone and PM counts:

This Morning's Air Quality Index
This Morning's Air Quality Index

The Particles (PM2.5) are the responsible factor this morning for our Moderate reading, not Ozone. Air Pollution. That's what we have and a surprising study came out this week stating that Air Pollution actually kills more people than cigarette smoking and not just by a few. I'd never heard that one before. Take a look right here. We need to be mindful of our Air Quality and it shouldn't take a disaster to get our attention!


What always gets my attention is the moon and our March Super Moon right now will be the last "super moon" this year. Super just means it is closer to earth than normal and so it looks bigger and brighter. Just super! But we've had three in a row this year which is truly special. A great article from Space Magazine is right here. By the way, this one is called the Worm Moon as the ground now thaws enough for the worms to reappear! I know, our ground doesn't freeze. 



The Supermoon has arrived just in time for the vernal equinox, commonly known as Spring! Equal amounts of light and dark mark the day as the sun is directly over the equator. Seems appropriate to celebrate the beginning of the season with a huge THANK YOU to all those fearless Fire Fighters who have given their soul this week to extinguishing what can now just be a learning lesson and a very bad memory. I love this pic from back when:


Have what is left of a wonderful Spring week and look for a few showers this weekend. Our forecast is here at Click2houston.com.


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