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Friday, Feb 9, 2019

From Facebook today: The Weather went from 70 to 30 like it saw a state trooper! LOL Chilly start to our weekend as Bush/IAH dropped to 38F Friday morning and with the breeze it felt a bit brisk! Cold, right? Even sleet and small hail! Winter? Well, I hope you saw the NASA report that we've just had the globally hottest five years on record (2018 ranks 4th), and if you want to get into the weeds on this, go here. I know the Climate Central folks and they do a great job of monitoring and reporting on Climate Change.


But what does this mean to us? I did a little research and it's interesting to note that this cold season (November until now) hasn't officially dropped below 30F. In fact, since the January 2018 cold snap of 19F and 21F, we haven't had much to report in terms of freezing weather. In 2017, January had a cold snap (21F on the 7th) but after that little else. Same with 2016: after some light freezes in January, that was it. My gardner friend Earl has a rule of thumb to avoid frozen flowers: never plant before Easter! I'm not sure that rule applies anymore. And what of a warmer world these past five years? I don't need to remind anyone of recent floods: Harvey, Maria, Irma and just last summer, Florence and Michael. Not to mention California wildfires. Global weather disasters have never been more prevalent than in this century. More from Science Alert.


Shout out to the Bay Oaks Women's Association down in the Clear Lake area. A nice crowd of 84 women showed up to hear me talk about my book Swabbed & Found and my Power Point was rewarded with an amazing heart-healthy plate of risotto and cod! Those rubber chicken dishes are long gone. Thanks for the lunch, you fun bunch!



I'm not a dancer, but I love their galas! KPRC2 supports the Houston Ballet! In fact, our world class city boasts a ballet, symphony, opera and theatre along with every sports team, and not many cities do that! Be Proud. Kevin and I are invited to hang out at the station's table for tomorrow night's big "do." We went last year and had a great time...the event is not fussy, quick on the presentations, and shows off an amazing cover band called The Big Beyond. Turn up your speakers.


Finally, I received in the mail yesterday.....wait for it.....an umbrella. This isn't just any umbrella but one called The Weatherman which comes with its own app! Supposedly, the app will give you the forecast and remind you to take your umbrella. Hey, what will you need me for?? I'll review this thing on Monday. Have a great weekend! And don't forget your...


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