Hurricane season starts in 1 month

HOUSTON – Tuesday marks one month until the start of hurricane season, and some forecasters say it could be a busy one.

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30, with the peak of the season typically happening in September.

The Atmospheric Science Department at Colorado State University released its forecast for the 2018 season in early April. It called for a slightly above average season, with a total of 14 storms. Seven of those storms are forecast to become hurricanes, and three of those hurricanes are forecast to become major.

The first three named Atlantic storms of the season will be Alberto, Beryl and Chris. Here's the full list of Atlantic names that will be used this year.

4 things you should do now

There are several things you can do now, before the first storm forms, to get ready for hurricane season. Here are some tips from the KPRC2 Severe Weather Team.

1. Review your plan

Take the time to review your family’s preparation and evacuation plan. If your family doesn’t have a plan, develop one now. Figure out which evacuation zone you live in, and learn the routes you should take to leave if an evacuation is ordered.

2. Be on the lookout for 2-for-1 sales

These money-saving sales will help you stock up on nonperishable foods and water without breaking your budget. FEMA recommends that people stockpile enough food and water to feed their family for two weeks.

3. Get flood insurance now

Unlike most other types of insurance, flood insurance takes 30 days before it becomes effective. Hurricane Harvey taught many people that just because they live outside a floodplain doesn’t mean they are protected from flooding.

4. Download the KPRC2 Hurricane Tracker app

Now is also a good time to download the KPRC2 Hurricane Tracker app from your app store or marketplace. It gives you updated information about storms that are being actively tracked by the National Hurricane Center. It also provides you with preparation resources and other emergency information.

We've also put together an interactive tracker map and lots of helpful resources in our special Hurricane Headquarters section.

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