Spider-Man comes to the rescue in South Florida after Irma strikes

The chainsaw-wielding web-slinger has not been identified

(Photo: Alan Hanbury)
(Photo: Alan Hanbury)

BRADENTON, Fla. – Of all the heroic stories to emerge from Hurricane Irma's impact in Florida, this one might be the most literal.

A chainsaw-wielding (if not web-slinging) Spider-Man was spotted helping out neighbors in a Bradenton community.

The superhero sighting caught Cheryl Hanbury and her husband, Alan, by surprise when they went outside Monday afternoon to take stock of the damage in front of their Riverview Boulevard home.

"Omg! Just walked out the front door and found Spider-Man helping chainsaw down the huge tree covering our road!" Hanbury wrote in a Facebook post, noting that the masked savior was not her husband.

Whoever the anonymous hero is, Hanbury and company were certainly glad to have his help.