Residents in Port Lavaca survey damage to boats left behind by Harvey

Some people unable to live in boat homes due to damage

PORT LAVACA, Texas – Some coastal communities that took a direct hit from Harvey are slowly beginning to come back to life.

Port Lavaca was one of the towns in the storm’s path. It still doesn’t have power, but it sustained minimal damage.

Most of the destruction from the storm happened at the town’s marina, where several boats are now underwater.

When Harvey hit Port Lavaca, it brought winds in excess of 110 mph and a 6-foot storm surge. Boats smashed into each other, causing them to sink, while others were tossed right out of the water.

Canyon Lake resident Jerry Buckland checked on the damage to one of his boats Wednesday at the Nautical Landings Marina.

“I'm lucky this one is still in as good a shape as it is, really,” he said. “There was about a foot of water inside. Got that all pumped out now. All I got to do is fix the outside.”

His other boat a few slips away didn’t do as well. It sank when a boat next to it broke free.

“The lines weren't good, so they broke in the surge, and it looks like his boat came over and landed on top of my boat,” Buckland said.

Harvey claimed 21 boats at the marina. The masts of several sailboats are the only sign that remains.

Tyler and Sharon Wright said they were surprised to find their boat, “The Mona Lisa,” still floating. It survived Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago. It’s the couple’s home, but they won’t be able to live in it for a while.

“Hopefully, FEMA will help us out because we don't have nowhere else to go besides my parents and there ain't much room there,” Tyler Wright said.



About the Author:

Tim Gerber is an investigative reporter and anchor on the KSAT Defenders team.