Ground stop issued at Bush Airport because of heavy rain

HOUSTON – A 15-minute ground stop on arriving flights was issued Wednesday morning at Bush Intercontinental Airport because of heavy rainfall.

"I've had delayed flights, but I've never had a flight that's so delayed that I missed my connecting flight," said traveler Shelley Shaffer.

Thanksgiving travelers were advised to plan ahead and check flight information for arrival and departure times.

Houston Airport System officials recommend that travelers arrive at security two hours before scheduled departure and get to the gate at least an hour before.

"There are plenty of restaurants, plenty of things to do, and it's better to get here early, get through and relax than it is to try to rush through, especially this time of year," said airport official Bill Begley.

Officials also said travelers should prepare for parking and transportation and know the rules of security.

For more information on Houston airports or your flight status, visit fly2houston.com.

Check flight statuses

Those expecting someone to arrive should be prepared for a short wait.

Check the interactive radar and forecast.



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