Front brings cooler temps, heavy storms through Houston area

HOUSTON – A Tornado Watch has been canceled for Southeast Texas and the threat of severe weather continues to diminish.



A few moderate showers dropping a third of an inch per hour persist on the east side from Liberty County to Galveston County.

Winds are also dropping right along with the temperatures.

Before the front came through temperatures were in the mid to upper 70s, but within an hour those numbers dropped into the mid 50s.

Expect upper 50s to low 60s for the afternoon commute.

Weather conditions will be much nicer as the sunshine returns Wednesday.  Skies will be mostly clear with morning temperatures in the 50s and afternoon highs in the 70s.

Power outages in Fort Bend

Many residents in Sienna Plantation spent Tuesday afternoon in the dark, after the wet weather caused a massive tree to fall on a power line.

It happened a little before 1pm in the Secret Forest subdivision.  "I was upstairs and I looked out the window and there were flames coming out of the transformer," said Joann Hutton, who lives right next to where the tree fell.

She told her daughter to call 911 and when emergency crews arrived they told a few residents to get out of their homes until they turned off the power.

"We got our cars out of the driveway and I got my dog out," Hutton said.

The power was also turned off at a nearby daycare, where parents had to pick their kids up early.  At Scanlan Oaks Elementary students remained at school, despite the outage.

Crews worked into the evening to remove the fallen tree. As of 6 p.m. Tuesday, the power was still out.

Damage in Huntsville

A man iswasseen kayaking down a flooded street in video shot by Christopher Russo Tuesday morning. It shows 18th Street at Avenue P 1/2 in Huntsville, underwater. The intersection is near Sam Houston State University.

Not far away, off Interstate 45, the high winds blew out parts of a Dairy Queen sign. The storm peeled away part of the roof of a home.

"From here back, there's nothing.  That's the whole roof off of the house," said Melanie Robledo. 

Robledo's home is at the end of Walnut Lane in rural Huntsville. 

"I just woke up because the roof was leaking and I walked outside and saw the roof laying over on the porch," Robledo said. I couldn't see the car or anything out there."

When she got outside she found her roof was missing. High winds peeled it off and dropped it on the ground.  Robledo was thankful that she, her son, his girlfriend and their son were okay after the storm hit. She thought it picked up her home.

"The joke's always been I could sleep through a hurricane," Robledo said. "But it woke me up from a sound sleep."

On the Sam Houston campus, the water stopped flowing across the street from a construction site but students traded shorts for coats and umbrellas.